No such a thing as a Twin Flame

No such a thing as a twin flame or anything like that , there is people you have some connection with but that has nothing to do with relationships or it doesn't create a perfect relation like many dream.
this come from the idea that we are nothing, we are not enough , we are incomplete and the "solution" is another person that also feel like they are incomplete  .
all this ideas come from the insane expectations romance have in our culture , relationships have a place but giving it spiritual meaning is just crazy , there is no perfect relationship and what ever you find someone you like , you are the only one that can determine if that person is the chosen one or the right one or what ever dont try fooling yourself with the idea that there is something outside of you that is going to make a relationship perfect and it will be much more easy  because there is no way someone can fill the expectation that a perfect meant to be partner is gonna come .

Is just people having lack of confidence to make decisions and instead of making a responsible decision people make this ideas that something bigger than them is making the decision for them and everything will be perfect and flowers everywhere farting rainbows or there is a special connection that will make everything a happy ending.

just the idea that you need to find someone and you have to find them to be happy is detrimental ,
i mean thats not love thats just people seeking for fulfillment outside of them when the real problem the real cause of why are they looking for this perfect relationship  is inside them not outside .

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