High self is a common event

High self  is a normal voice in your mind he never tells you what to do , he just help you to do better what ever you are doing even if you are doing something negative he could show you something to make you question yourself but he doesn't judge or anything . it depends on how much you allow this voice because hes always honest some people have bad experience giving attention to this part of our selves . 

Many people simply use high self in normal every day tasks like cocking or like a calendar , he can remind you about something or tell you some extra info on something you have your attention invested . 

higher self doesn't judge is impossible, only humans judge , judge comes from the good and bad idea , impossible idea , if X persons says this thing is good and Y person says this thing is bad  , the thing is not gonna be half good and half bad is just gonna be the same thing in others words judgment is not real cant be. 

judgement is the crazy idea that the labels of society are real nothing more . if anyone is even a little happy or loving he is not gonna judge much because is insane and it make no sense . is a illusion that close the heart because you are not living from yourself if you are judging 

judgement comes from fear  and low self stem if anyone love themselves hes not gonna do what others think is good or bad , hes gonna do what he like what love drive them to do,  if anyone judge is because he is afraid and has no confident so they just do what others think is good or bad .

HIgh self is your direct creator he project himself as you so he can experience something from a differnt perceptive but he give you 100% free will even if someone is creating negativity . 

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