I been asked whats love ,so this is me answer

uncondicional love is the only true one , sometimes we meet one person and we see love in them that make us remember our love and feels great , it is always in us we can love someone beyond relationships .

some mothers said when my son born i have find the true love thats becose mothers love sometimes is uncondicional.
if we dont have love relationships start to get posesive and everything goes to hell when couples fight is like : why are you not making me happy? .

you cant give something you dont have , if you dont love yourself how your going to share love with others.

Love is in everything you just have to give up conditions and recive it

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Loving Self Is Essential from Ricardo Love

I found this great song about the importance of loving yourself


We born in love , in a love state of mind , when we are baby's we are in joy is because love is our natural state of mind .
our parents teach us to feel on ways that are very opposite to love close the love or make us depend in things to feel love only for moments.

one of this things is the mental "NO" or negation also resistance to something in our minds , we use mental images in our minds or memories when we think we are watching a mental images so when something that we don't want comes the common reaction is say NOOOO¡ or to the mental image of whats happening , this negation or resistance inside our own minds create a strong negative emotion that get stuck in our mind and can create physical and mental pain and sickness .

in order to realize that i invite you to do a experiment , first feel love or think in love or remember love then when you are feeling the love think in something that you really don't like in your life something that make you get negative that you resist or you judge has bad , so see for yourselfwhat happened to the love when you do that in your mind .