Understanding Judgement and reclaiming your power

Understanding Judgment is the only way to stop Judging , if person A says this glass is bad and person B says this glass is good ,that not gonna make the glass half good half bad the glass will always be just a glass . Judgment it can only exist in peoples minds and the only real purpose of judgment is to force a opinion or force someone ideas in to others. We learn to judge when our parents put their ideas in our minds instead of honoring the children point of view parents just tell kids this is like this because this is my experience and so on parents force their experiences into kids minds lowering kids self stem tremendously in a way forcing your experience in someone else is like emotionally killing them is like making them close their eyes and only see like you see. And if you wanna go deeper Judgement cant exist without GOOD AND BAD concept and that concept is the view of a world were bad is something that doesn't have love and only good can have love or live , so is a view of a worlds were love can only be rewarded if you behave properly, we are teach that if we are GOOD we are going to be treat well and honor and is the only way our parents are gonna love us and if we are bad they are going to punish us and treat us like some monster that does not deserve love just by being but only when some conditions are accomplish when in reality we are naturally born with a ton of love in our hearts. And this after childhood does not change we trade looking for the approval of our parent for the approval of a couple or the recognition of people . there is a experiment that can help understand Judgment , you feel love you but all your attention in your feeling and ou focus in feeling as much love as possible then while you are feeling love think of a judgment and feel what happen to the love.

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