How to look nice in Photos

Well this is something that i see every day , some people with regular aura not the brightest and they are going to pose for a photo or video they change the chakra and aura to a really bright color , that person usually looks more clear in pics also attractive  .
Some others are the opposite they learn to feel awkward  when they are been taken photos and they create a weird emotion that result in very funny looking photos .
So this is how much we use our metal images and emotions or they use us in everyday life and  this very little details are part of the way we are teach to use the aura  , you just need to be more aware of the emotions to see when someone have a particular emotion and then be able to compare and see that some emotions create a particular experience even if is not a deadly decease , smalls amounts of negative emotion  still  cause problems .
Love even if is only for posing to the camera is very effective because is the highest energy in this dimension, So every time you are been film imagine yourself full of golden light or pink or whatever bright vitality color you like.

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