Higher self

The higher self is very common in everyones life's but people don't realize that is a higher part in us , the higher self can be seen in ancient Egypt and also in modern comics has a light in the head anytime someone has an idea , the higher self is very much like a sun a golden sun and is a very lovely being very wise too but he never ever is going to tell you what to do because he honor you so deeply , he can give you answers but most of the people just thing that they did it , he can help you only when you allow it but is not need to be conscious sometimes the persons are so tired of fighting problems that simply give up the mental negativity and the higher self enter into our lifes for some time .
the higher self have information of our pasts lifes so he can help you see them and the great majority of deaths be accidents are created be him maybe it was time to end the experience or the person simply was creating too much karma , actually i remember two pasts lifes when i was being too negative and the higher self decided to end that experience i was a bandit in ancient japan in the time of the samurai's and was kill be a samurai , in the other past life i was a very negative boy very sad ,so we or the higher self decided that was a unnecessary experience and a car kill me , in another past life i was a baby and the experience wasn't what i really want from what i want originally so i fall into a lake and die .

is really a matter of being open to receive ideas from him , he can help you in anything remembering something for a test or whatever you think is important now
He never is going to judge you and never tell you what to do but he can give very valuable information of your emotions your problems and when you have a solid relationship with him it can give you psychic information .

to improve the relationship with the higher self think that you allow a golden sun enter inside your body and aura or mind and feel it like is real is a golden sun of love and wisdom , this is a way to allow it to help you .

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